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  • Amanda Smith has a unique talent for capturing the average in an extraordinary way. Her western photographs highlights the typical western life in anything but a typical manner. Color, light, angle, and a feel for what makes the west remarkable is what makes this photographer and her work outstanding..
    Susan R. Stoltz

  • Amanda Smiths works are incomparable to anything else I have seen. I own four of Smiths works and they are delightful to gaze upon in my home.I never tire of them as they are all so original and well-done. As far as I am concerned,anyone who owns a piece by Smith has a pot of gold with a rainbow at its end.Smiths composition and clarity is outstanding.she is truly eclectic and is one of todays finest photographers.
    Trish Schiesser Portsmouth, VA

Professional Western Photographic Artist Amanda Smith specializes in capturing real western art, for real western people. Amanda Smith has been photographing and creating western photographic art with her photography, since May of 1992. From horses to cowboys, and cowgirls to ranchers. From Wyoming to the East Coast and back again, she has created stunning western photographic art pieces for both independent and corporate collectors, as well as private collectors. Amanda Smith has won numerous awards and worldwide recognition as a highly collected Western Photographic artist. She teaches photography classes and western photographic art classes in Wyoming. Click here to learn more about Amanda Smith, Wyoming’s premiere real western photographic artist and photographer.


"Each gallery of Amanda Smith’s western art reflects a very real emotion when it comes to cowboys, cowgirls, ranching, and well… anything and everything west. Why? because its real, no posing, no set ups, no time frames for that perfect shot… just real, western art. How? because Amanda Smith puts herself right in the middle of everything western and creates her masterpieces during the moment in which they are happening. Revealing a true, and very real feeling. A true, and very real emotion about Cowboys, Cowgirls, Ranchers, and well… anything and everything west.



Amanda Smith - Western Photographic Artist
Shooting for Christ, Focusing on God


So come on in and browse around a while, feel the wide open prairies wrap themselves around you as you settle in for some really incredible western photographic art.


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