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  • Amanda Smith has a unique talent for capturing the average in an extraordinary way. Her western photographs highlight the typical western life in anything but a typical manner. Color, light, angle, and a feel for what makes the west remarkable is what makes this photographer and her work outstanding.
    Susan R. Stoltz

  • Amanda Smith's works are incomparable to anything else I have seen in Western Art, and in other kinds of photography. I own four of Smith's works and they are delightful to gaze upon in my home. I never tire of them as they are all so original and well-done. As far as I am concerned, anyone who owns a piece by Smith has a pot of gold with a rainbow at it's end. Smith's composition and clarity is outstanding. She is truly eclectic, and is one of today's finest photographers.
    Trish Ruvituso, Portsmouth, VA

  • I had my camera for a few years and once in a while I grabbed a lucky shot here and there. I had known Amanda for quite some time and I noticed she was offering photography classes. I scheduled a one on one session with her and I all of the sudden this camera I had been using for years, took on a whole new life! Amanda showed me things about my camera that I had no idea it or I was capable of. Every session I became more and more comfortable with my camera and confident with my shots. My daughter races motocross and I have been taking pictures of her for the last few years or so but I couldn’t seem to ever manage to capture that one jump or corner that without my camera focusing in on other objects around her. Well, we took the dirt bike out to Amanda’s and we shot for hours until Amanda was certain I had it. We even did some photos of my daughter sitting on her bike which turned out beautiful! I look at them and can’t believe that I took them! One is currently posted on website of her 2014 sponsor; Motocross Ladies. I could have never done it without Amanda. I can’t wait until my next session!
    Stacey Szymanski - Workshop Photography Student

  • I am truly blessed to have Amanda work with my kids, who are a part of 4H and needed some photography lessons. Not only did she teach them how to take good photos, she took the time to inspire, encourage, and bring out the creativity in them. They are far from perfect shooters, however Amanda makes them feel like they are. When I asked them what word they would say about Amanda it was "Love".
    4H Photography Workshop Class - Carla Patzke and Kids

  • Amanda has become a very good friend to me and a friend that I have come to value very much. She has such spunk and just has an amazing vibe to her that you cannot help but feel at ease around her. She believes in me and encourages me to be the best that I can be, whether it involves photography or me as a person. She takes the time to listen and help in any way she can. Amanda pushes me to strive for things that I do not believe I can achieve, yet time and time again she has proved to me that I can. I have taken several classes from her and she has always made me feel that I am a special person. I absolutely love taking the photography classes with her, the atmosphere is laid back, fun and hands on. She is always available to answer questions and give advice. Trust me I have lots of questions when it comes to photography and what I am doing wrong or right. Amanda has shown me how to improve my chances at capturing life‘s moments and how to get the full use out of my camera. She has worked with me to the point that I am able to work with manual settings instead of using the preset settings, which was no easy task. Because of all the work she has done with me I am able to take better quality pictures of my surroundings and my children. I must say Amanda works from her heart whether it is with students or her own art work. Her art work is one of a kind and I can tell she loves what she does. She is able to catch that special moment with such ease, which to me speaks volumes as to how special she is. She has such a creative side that I could only wish for. I cannot wait to do more work with her.
    Karie Moulton - Workshop photography student

  • Where do you begin with an amazing, talented Western Art Photographer? Well, you ask her to coach some Central Wyoming 4-H kids who are mesmerized by her work. Amanda Smith has taken kids who have never picked up a camera before, coached them in workshop classes, and they have turned in champion master pieces. Almost all of them winning in statewide and county wide photography competitions. The kids love working with Amanda and learning from her that photography is really a work of art and as she always tells each class, "if you shoot from the heart it is a win, win." Amanda is always willing to help any kid with photography, and always does it with a smile. We love having her as our photography coach!
    Mayor Devonie Mueller

  • Amanda Smith Wyoming based photographer, and her husband are two of the most generous people around. They share with the world love, compassion, and pictures of the extraordinary work they do on a daily basis. There is nothing more inspiring than to see the hard work they do every day, and the love they share while doing it. I have known Amanda for several years. My son started playing Casper Legion Baseball last year, and in order for him to play he had to raise sponsorship funding. When we asked Amanda if she would consider donating, she didn’t hesitate. In fact, after completing and paying for her first year of sponsorship for Casper Legion Baseball and my son, she signed a three year contract to continue her sponsorship of my son Brooks, and Casper Legion Baseball. That alone was a blessing, but then this yea, along with her monetary sponsorship, Amanda also donated two large signed prints to the annual Casper Legion Baseball Auction. Amanda doesn’t just give monies for a write off or for notice, she gives from the heart and expects nothing in return. Just last year, when the fire broke out in Natrona County headed towards Converse County, killing livestock and destroying dozens of homes and structures, Amanda and her husband jumped in their fire rig and helped fight that fire. That wasn’t the first time they’d assisted in fighting a fire in the County, aside from fighting their own wildland fires on their own ranch during fire seasons, they’ve assisted on several other ranches in the area including the Bixby Cattle Ranch. Amanda and her husband were out there working the fire and assisting members of the communities. Amanda Smith and her husband are true angels among us. Thank you both for all you do! Sincerely, Eyvonne Browning
    Eyvonne Browning and Casper Legion Baseball

Commercial Artist

Professional Western Photographic Artist Amanda Smith specializes in capturing real western art, for real western people. Amanda Smith has been photographing and creating western photographic art with her photography, since May of 1992. From horses to cowboys, and cowgirls to ranchers. From Wyoming to the East Coast and back again, she has created stunning western photographic art pieces for both independent and corporate collectors, as well as private collectors. Amanda Smith has won numerous awards and worldwide recognition as a highly collected Western Photographic artist. She teaches photography classes and western photographic art classes in Wyoming. Click here to learn more about Amanda Smith, Wyoming's premiere real western photographic artist and photographer..


Each gallery of Amanda Smith Wyoming western art reflects a very real emotion when it comes to cowboys, cowgirls, ranching, and well... anything and everything west. Why? because its real, no posing, no set ups, no time frames for that perfect shot... just real, western art. How? because Amanda Smith puts herself right in the middle of everything western and creates her masterpieces during the moment in which they are happening. Revealing a true, and very real feeling. A true, and very real emotion about Cowboys, Cowgirls, Ranchers, and well... anything and everything west.



Amanda Smith Wyoming Photographer and Western Photographic Artist
Shooting for Christ, Focusing on God


So come on in and browse around a while, feel the wide open prairies wrap themselves around you as you settle in for some really incredible western photographic art.


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